Abdullah City Islamabad-Location and Complete Detail

Abdullah City stands out to represent the contrasting moods of the two cities—the modernity of Islamabad and the cultural spirit of Rawalpindi, a city on trade networks. It’s a brand new, exceptional housing development that offers all high standard accommodation options and contemporary amenities. This project offers, beautiful location, affordable rates, and high-quality construction to its customers. Its stunning scenery, large open areas, grand mosque, world-class educational system, theme park, zoo, and other amenities offer its citizens an extraordinary standard of living.

Furthermore, it provides premium farmhouses with modern luxuries at reasonable prices, along with residential and commercial real estate.

 Read more to buy your property in Abdullah City Islamabad to have a peaceful life!

Owner and Developer Of Abdullah City

Al Aziz Builders & Developers, a trusted and reputed real estate company has constructed this property. They are innovators in town planning and land development. Chairman of this company, Mr. Asim Aziz has already completed several outstanding real estate projects.

Aziz Builders and Abdullah Marketing are building the prestigious Abdullah City project. The visions of Aziz Builders show how the future of Abdullah City Islamabad will be bright. Even investors from low income backgrounds can buy plots because of the plot prices.

Abdullah City NOC

Without a doubt, this civilization cannot be invested like a Capital Smart City. However, it is unclear whether this housing society is legitimate or lawful. Before making any investments, please confirm its legality and request a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant authorities or the developers.

Abdullah City Islamabad Location

In Rawalpindi, Abdullah City offers the most excellent location because the surrounding is an essential factor in every home project. It is a few kilometers away from the New International Airport in Islamabad and situated on Rawalpindi’s Main Ghous-e-Azam Road. Furthermore, Chakri Interchange on Motorway M2 provides quick access there. You might also follow the path set by the Fatima Jinnah University Campus. The map of Abdullah City is so straightforward that even a stranger could understand it

Access Points

The following points provide entry to Abdullah City:

  • 15 minutes to Chakri Interchange by car
  • To the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Highway in 15 minutes
  • Rawalpindi is 40 minutes drive from New Islamabad International Airport.
  • To Islamabad in 45 minutes by car
  • Bahria Town is 55 km away by car.

Abdullah City Masterplan

A well-planned community, Abdullah City, is becoming more well-known over time. Rawalpindi and Islamabad may find it to be a desirable home development. The magnificent design attracts the elite purchasers and investors who want to live here. Plots in the residential, commercial, recreational, and farmhouse sectors are all available in Abdullah City.


The following sections go into detail:

Abdullah City Residential Plots

The residential sectors of society ensure a luxurious living environment. It takes the same strategy as other notable initiatives. Commercial centers and other facilities are accessible in each residential area for a worry-free life.

The Residential Plots are as follows:

  • 5 Marla Plots
  • 10 Marla Plots
  • 1 Kanal

Abdullah City Residential Homes

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Abdullah City Commercial Plots

  • Several commercial plots are also offered to satisfy the demands of enterprises and potential investors. Within Abdullah City, there are numerous areas where commercial properties can be found.

    Due to the demand from locals, well-known brands and companies will express strong interest. It’s Creating a significant commercial center to handle all of life’s needs.

    • 03 Marla
    • 08 Marla
    • 01 Kanal

Abdullah City Farm House Plots

Those who want to live extraordinary lives can also find Farm Houses in Abdullah City. Farmhouses are located in a verdant, lovely neighborhood with a natural setting. These farmhouses provide residents with first-rate living accommodations and premium facilities.

  • 03 Kanal
  • 05 Kanal
  • 08 Kanal
  • 16 Kanal

Installment And Payment PLan

It offers a very reasonable and alluring payment schedule and the choice of flexible installment plans. Land ownership can be acquired quickly and without any problems. One receives the best return on their investment from the best resident experience or the profit made by investing in this place. The company’s future at this location is also highly bright, thanks to simple payment or installment plans.

Residential Plots

3 Marla

  • Total Price = Rs. 4999000
  • Booking = Rs. 450000
  • Confirmation = Rs. 200000Allocation = Rs. 200000
  • Monthly Installment = Rs. 55000
  • 6 Month Installment = Rs. 180000

5 Marla

  • Total Price = Rs. 1599000
  • Booking = Rs. 150000
  • Confirmation = Rs. 75000
  • Allocation = Rs. 75000
  • Monthly Installment = Rs. 17000
  • 6 Month Installment = Rs. 60000

8 Marla

  • Total Price = RS. 10800000
  • Booking = Rs. 800000
  • Confirmation = Rs. 350000
  • Allocation = Rs. 350000
  • Monthly Installment = Rs. 135000
  • 6 Month Installment = Rs. 350000

10 Marla

  • Total Price = Rs. 2799000
  • Booking = Rs. 250000
  • Confirmation = Rs. 125000
  • Allocation  = Rs. 125000
  • Monthly Installment = Rs. 33000
  • 6 Monthly installment = Rs. 90000

1 Kanal

  • Total Price = Rs. 4999000
  • Booking = Rs. 500000
  • Confirmation = Rs. 250000
  • Allocation = Rs. 250000
  • Monthly Installment = Rs. 60000
  • 6 Month Installment = Rs.140000
  • Commercial Plots

3 Kanal

  • Total Price = Rs. 5599000
  • Booking = Rs. 500000
  • Confirmation = Rs.300000
  • Allocation = Rs. 300000
  • Monthly Installment = Rs. 50000
  • 6 Monthly Installments = Rs. 250000

5 Kanal

  • Total Price = Rs. 8099000
  • Booking = Rs. 750000
  • Confirmation = Rs. 500000
  • Allocation = Rs.500000
  • Monthly Installment = Rs. 75000
  • 6 Monthly Installments = Rs. 99000

8 Kanal

  • Total Price = Rs. 8099000
  • Booking = Rs. 750000
  • Confirmation = Rs. 500000
  • Allocation = Rs.500000
  • Monthly Installment = Rs. 75000
  • 6 Monthly Installments = Rs. 99000

16 Kanal

    • Total Price = Rs. 19599000
    • Booking = Rs. 1900000
    • Confirmation = Rs. 900000
    • Allocation = Rs. 990000
    • Monthly Installment = Rs. 199000
    • 6 Monthly Installments = Rs. 750000
    • Homes

5 Marla Home

  • Total price = Rs. 3500000
  • Membership = Rs. 20000
  • Booking = Rs. 500000
  • Confirmation = Rs. 250000
  • Allocation = Rs. 250000
  • Monthly installment = Rs. 30000
  • 6 Month installment = Rs.75000

10 Marla Home

  • Total price = Rs. 4950000
  • Membership = Rs. 30000
  • Booking = Rs. 700000
  • Confirmation = Rs.300000
  • Allocation = Rs. 300000
  • Monthly installment = Rs. 35000
  • 6 Month installment = Rs. 150000

20 Marla Home

  • Total price = Rs. 7950000
  • Membership = Rs. 50000
  • Booking = Rs. 1000000
  • Confirmation = Rs. 400000
  • Allocation = Rs. 400000
  • Monthly installment = Rs. 60000
  • 6 Month installment = Rs. 250000

Facilities and Amenities

Abdullah City is an all-inclusive development that offers its residents first-rate amenities and services. This civilization provides cutting-edge amenities and cutting-edge infrastructure to elevate the level of living.

Clients will have all the amenities, making it a great place to live and invest. Internationally recognized standards were followed in the planning, designing, and construction. Additionally, superior facilities and trustworthy security make it an excellent option for families!

The amenities of Abdullah City are as follows:

  • 24 Hours Security with CCTV Cameras
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Boundary Wall
  • Clean Drinking Water
  • Educational Centers
  • Electricity
  • Gated Community
  • Grand Recreation Centers
  • Green Belts
  • Green Parks
  • Gymnasium
  • Jogging tracks
  • Medical Centers
  • Mini Theaters
  • Play Land
  • Restaurant
  • Separate Commercial Areas
  • SPA
  • Spacious Parking
  • Sports Ground
  • Street lights 
  • Sui Gas
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water

Why Choose Abdullah City Islamabad?

Every person must go through several thought processes before making financial decisions. However, you don’t have to consider your investment decision in this culture. Abdullah City is in a great situation, as anyone who knows the area would quickly realize.

  • Only a short drive away is the M2 Motorway, which connects Lahore and Islamabad. Therefore, this is a rare opportunity if you want to move on your own or make a long-term investment.
  • There are also further residential communities in and around Abdullah City. Locals can socialize in great style here. This housing society is expanding quickly, and investors are contributing funds to the endeavor.
  • This unique community, in which foreign investors are welcome, is distinguished by the peaceful environment it offers residents while placing the utmost importance on peace and security. Additionally, it has multiple entrances, making it a very accessible housing association.


Modern amenities and features enhance the outstanding quality of life that the locals enjoy. However, one can simultaneously enjoy the stunning natural scenery and a contemporary city lifestyle. Unquestionably pushing the limits of the real estate sector, Aziz developers’ incredible project in Pakistan is a product of their exceptional talent. The planners of this society have one and only one goal in mind: to raise the standard of living.

So, are you looking for an exquisite and convenient living environment at a fair price? If you want this, head over to Abdullah City Islamabad right away.

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