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Have you come here to know about the best housing societies in Islamabad? There are numerous housing schemes in the Capital of Pakistan but before going into their details, try to learn about other things first. Then you landed just in the right place where your demand will be fulfilled. 

Islamabad, Having the presence of beautiful mountains, beautiful landscapes, and a peaceful atmosphere, makes it an attractive place to live and investors who want to test their luck. There are a lot of famous real estate developers investing quite a lot of money in this city because of this reason.

With the advent of the contemporary era of urbanization, many people are migrating from villages to cities to pursue more opportunities such as getting basic facilities, education, health, and many other things. To meet the needs of the people, a lot of investors and billionaires developed a piece of land within the cities for people to live on.  

Almost every major city in Pakistan, including Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Faisalabad, Islamabad, and many more, is experiencing a boom in housing society development. Still, Islamabad is the most prestigious real estate investment destination because it is modern and meets people’s needs.

There are a lot of investment opportunities in the real estate market of Islamabad as the city is growing. Buildings are under development, housing societies are being established, commercial and residential projects are being constructed, and you just them. Islamabad has become a Utopia for investors and those who want to live a peaceful and comfortable life away from the congestion of crowded cities. We call it the city of dreams. 

Many different housing schemes are available today with additional features such as various price brackets, installment plans, plot sizes, and much more. Despite this, it is not easy for everyone to know about these projects, especially those who do not come from Islamabad. 

Moreover, plenty of housing projects have been completed or are being built, but you may not know which ones are the best or the worst.  

Our team has gathered a lot of data on these schemes while visiting their locations, meeting with their officials, and much more, so stay tuned to our guide about the best housing societies in Islamabad 2022. Therefore, we can provide what our viewers want. 

But before digging into the topic, let’s know about the Capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Islamabad - The Best Area for Housing Societies

We are sure that many of you are familiar with Islamabad, but are you interested in learning something that you weren’t aware of before coming here? 

Islamabad, the beautiful capital of Pakistan and the second most beautiful capital worldwide, has an estimated population of 4.1 million as of 2022. 

It is a beautiful green city that falls under the federation government of Pakistan. The city of Islamabad came into being in the 1960s when the capital city of Pakistan was changed from Karachi to Islamabad. 

Furthermore, Constantinos Apostolou Doxiadis was the planner and developer of Islamabad. 

So Having learned about Islamabad, let us explain why housing societies are being built?

Why do housing societies exist?

According to our research, there are multiple reasons behind the development of housing schemes, but below are the two main ones. 

  • In nearly every aspect of social life, Pakistan offers a wide selection of options. With its multifaceted ethnic, cultural, geographic, economic, religious, and social diversity, Pakistan is a society marked by great contrasts. For these reasons, in the capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, there are many housing societies and colonies for people to live in with their families, showing the unification of the organization of the country.
  • The other main aim of housing societies is to offer cheaper houses to low- and middle-income people who might otherwise not afford houses through individual efforts. 

 So the above are the driving factors that motivate investors to build housing schemes for their benefit and the benefit of others.

How does a Good Housing Society differ from a Bad one?

Do you want us to tell you that not every housing society is perfect; each comes with its pros and cons? There are many housing schemes to choose from in Islamabad, but not all of them are suited for your investment and living needs. So With so many exciting housing societies being developed in Islamabad, it can be difficult for investors and homebuyers to choose the right one.

Nonetheless, please do not worry if you choose to go with us Rohtas Marketing (the Best Real Estate Marketing Company in Islamabad),  we will take care of everything for you. 

Listed below are some factors that distinguish a good housing society from a bad one.

The Status of NOC:

In the list of factors, the status of NOC is by far the most predominant factor according to our research. Because NOC is what every housing society does not get, only those societies are applicable that follow the rules and regulations of the Capital Development Authority(CDA)

To make sure you’re investing in a safe place, we recommend to check the list of CDA Approved Societies  then you should consider investing in them.

The NOC should be viewed as a green signal to invest in society after it receives one. 

Project Site:

As for the second most crucial factor, in my opinion, it would be the location of the housing schemes.

Whether it is a shopping mall or a quiet residential society, the location makes a significant difference in the success of any real estate project.

Two main elements define a desirable location: Distance from the city center and proximity to famous landmarks such as airports, highways, public transport, etc., because these two elements will increase the traffic to the new development, therefore increasing the demand for the project. 

Those housing societies that are present away from the city won’t get any attraction from the investors.

Housing Scheme Developer:

After the NOC certificate and location of the housing society, the developers come third on our list. Developers should have the necessary experience and skills to know precisely how to build the project within the set time frame using high-quality materials. 

For the company to deliver the project on time and within budget, it has to have the ability to prove that ability in its existing record.

Work Speed:

My research indicates that several projects receive all things such as the no-objection certificate, the excellent site for building work, and highly skilled developers, but do not complete the project on time. So this piece of land remains empty for many years, so the speed of the work also plays an important role. 

Thus, if you plan to acquire your property soon, you should ensure that you compare the status of the construction work with the comparable construction work and the market.

Top 4 Housing Societies in Islamabad:

1. Park View City Islamabad:

Do you want us to tell you why we have placed Park View City on the top of our list of best housing societies in Islamabad? The reason behind it is that it was approved by CDA and granted a NOC back in 2014. Furthermore, it is located in a place from where you can access it through all proximity. 

A unique location, developers by Vision Group, and an active PTI politician named Aleem Khan contribute to the success of this project. Its reputation is increasing rapidly in Islamabad compared to other societies, making it a well-established housing society in Islamabad. 

One of the latest properties in Islamabad, Park View City, is growing faster than any other undertaking. The neighborhood is close to Bani Gala, one of Islamabad’s most popular neighborhoods. A beautiful landscape, beautiful hills, and a realistic perspective are all included. 

As well as apartments, it sells residential and commercial plots. You will be able to purchase a property for yourself in installments, and you will be able to acquire it in cash, which will save you money. In addition to these characteristics, you can have a separate vast land area for the industrial market.

Park View City Islamabad

A Description of the Facilities and Amenities:

  • Hospitals and health centers
  • An advanced society
  • A house can be built based on your preferences
  • Play areas and entertainment
  • Areas of commerce and business
  • Schools.
  • Universities.
  • mosques
  • 24/7 availability of resources
  • Community with a gated entrance and access control.

2. Gulberg Greens Islamabad Housing Society:

There are many housing societies; Gulberg Greens Housing is comparable to the Beauty of Islamabad due to its attractive location. IBECHS (Intelligence Bureau Employees’ Cooperative Housing Society) sponsors this housing scheme.

Through Islamabad Expressway, it is easily accessible from other parts of Islamabad. This project was launched in 2005 and later in 2009 after receiving NOC from Capital Development Authority. 

In 2009, after signing a Memorandum of Understanding with IESCO and SNGPL, the scheme started to work. There are several plots available for sale within this housing scheme in Gulberg Islamabad in almost every standard size, including five marlas, seven marlas, ten marlas, 1 Kanal, two kanals with complete payments, and easy payments installments. 

Additionally, they are providing investors with an option to buy shops, hotel apartments, homes, and houses in addition to plots.

Gulberg green Islamabad is a place where your dreams come true. This housing scheme has many projects under construction in Islamabad to give an easy life to the people, including schools, universities, 5star hotels, and shopping malls. Currently, they are working very progressively.

Facilities in the Scheme:

  • Schools.
  • Universities
  • 24/7 resources for basic facilities.
  • 5-star hotels.
  • Apartments.
  • Shopping malls.
  • You can build the house of your dreams.
  • Well-secured community.
  • Wide main boulevard.
  • Paved roads

3. Kingdom Valley: 

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is on the list of our top housing societies in Islamabad due to its unique location and includes all features a prospective purchaser is looking for. Kingdom Valley is situated close to the Chakri Interchange on the M-2 motorway. There has been rapid development of this housing society, so don’t miss the opportunity to purchase the house of your dreams in this safe and reliable housing society.


Amenities and facilities:

  • Farmhouses
  • Natural beauty
  • Green vacant spaces for horticultural gardens
  • Schools and other institutions
  • Mosques
  • Electricity, gas, and other services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Royal and luxury living at an affordable cost. 
Kingdom Valley Islamabad

4. Islamabad Model Town Housing Society:

Islamabad Model Town is strategically located between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, with two prominent and well-known housing schemes adjacent to it: The Bahria Enclave Islamabad and The Parkview City Islamabad.

Moreover, thanks to its lush greenery, valleys, and eye-catching environment, it has quickly been considered one of the most prestigious housing societies in Pakistan, with a total area of 423 kanals. 

A model housing society came about because of fast urbanization and the need for healthy environments, enabling people to live prosperous and comfortable lives. The Islamabad model town location is unique and ideally situated because of its surrounding area, which has seen a lot of development since investors’ interest increased. 

In Model Town Islamabad, residents are provided with luxury, modern and convenient living standards, and modern facilities accessible by almost every resident of the housing society. This results in enhancing their quality of life.

Features of Housing Society:

  • Providing 24/7 power backup
  • A 180-foot-wide main boulevard runs through Model Town Islamabad. 
  • There are wide streets and boulevards everywhere. 
  • Each street and boulevard also has street lighting and landscaping.
  • Model Town Islamabad provides underground electric, water, and gas service and sewage and drainage systems.
  • Both residential and commercial plots are available for sale in Islamabad model town.
  • Islamabad Model Town is fully protected by security guards and CCTV cameras on the main roads. 
  • Institutions of education
  • Gym.
  • The mosques.


By the end of this article, you hope that you might have understood all of the above information regarding the best housing societies in Islamabad. We have listed the top 5 housing schemes and other factors that you should consider before making investments in any housing scheme.

In general, We like Royal Residencia, Park View City, and Model Town Islamabad as some of the best housing projects in the area. 

So if you like the above information, let us know through comments; we will highly appreciate your response.



For investors in Islamabad, there are plenty of housing schemes available, but Park View City is the most prestigious due to its CDA approval and close proximity to Bani Gala.

A housing project is almost always a tricky business, but don’t worry, it’s much simpler than you think. Consideration should be given to factors such as NOC approval, site location, and work speed by far being the most important ones

It’s recommended to invest in a housing society since it’s developed by a team of developers and their highly skilled co-workers. Also, you will receive all the amenities that you need 24/7 from the housing society.

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