Schools are unquestionably contributing significantly to the growth and progression of society. Every individual has a basic entitlement to education from one of the top institutions. A student’s intellect, reasoning, and personality are nurtured and refined by education. They become greater and better members of society as a result. That is the major factor that helps parents understand how important it is to choose the ideal educational setting for their children. Islamabad, being the capital of the country has a remarkable educational framework, including schools, colleges, and universities. To name some, the following is the list of Islamabad’s best schools.

  1. Beacon House School System
  2. Frobel’s International School
  3. AL-Huda international school, Islamabad.
  4. Head Start School
  5. Roots Millennium School

1. Beacon House Schooling System

The organization Beaconhouse has a distinct identity that is drawn from its mission. From its modest beginnings as Les Anges Montessori Academy in 1975, the Beaconhouse School System has full-fledged become a noteworthy influence in the field of education. Beaconhouse is one of the leading private school networks in the world, with locations now recognised in the UK, Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, the UAE, Oman, Belgium, and Thailand.

It provides various academic credentials including O/A levels, IGCSE, and others. Additionally, the Beaconhouse School System adheres rigorously to a strong child protection policy. In addition, the campuses provide the most recent computer laboratories, libraries, and technology. School also has a framework CO- and extracurricular activities, which includes school trips, student’s club, and society, an internship program, and sports and physical education. They also assist their pupils with the application and placement processes for universities.


One of the leading institutes in Islamabad. The advancement of the school is due to teaching staff, conscientious pupils, dedicated parents, and committed school staff. For children to grow intellectually, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically into world citizens who can meet today’s difficulties, the school looks forward to creating a secure and encouraging atmosphere. The academic structure of Frobel’s international school includes an early year, primary years, lower secondary, and upper secondary. Moreover, Growth is accelerated through exercise, which also benefits one’s physical and mental well-being. Frobel focuses on learning discipline, time management, and collaboration via sports. Because of this, sports is a crucial component of the school curriculum from kindergarten to A Levels. In addition to attending their regularly scheduled lessons throughout the year, students take part in the annual sports day, which features a variety of sporting events.


Dr. Farhat Hashmi, the founder of the Al-Huda International Welfare Foundation, founded AlHuda International School (AIS) in September 2010. Qur’an for Everyone; in every heart and hand. The mission of AL-Huda international school is to polish children’s scholastic abilities, innate talents, true religious guidance, and constructive character development to develop them into respectable individuals, responsible Muslims, and participating members of society. One of the main reasons a parent should consider Al-Huda International is engaging directly with parents to achieve the best educational and societal outcomes. Many different teaching methods specially crafted curriculum that is both wide and balanced. Their  7:1 is indeed an astonishingly low student-to-instructor ratio which increases the student-teacher interaction. The child’s holistic development, considering their mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Al-Huda International offers matriculation as well as the Cambridge system. Hifz program is also offered at all the campuses.


HeadStar School

In 1965, the first Head Start initiative was conducted. A legitimate Pakistani curriculum developed by Head Start emphasizes the incredible diversity of the planet. The goal of Head Start is to establish a curriculum that places a commitment to teaching humanism and fostering moral bravery at its core. along with all the skills necessary for effective local citizenship and global fluency in the twenty-first century. College students are being taught how to engage with and learn from their environment to the best of their ability in the academic setting at Head Start. They support college students from the beginning and help them understand their capacity for finding the best option for their skills and interests.


The Roots School System, which was recognized in 1988 by Mrs. Riffat Mushtaq, comprises Roots Millennium Schools. Her descendant Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq initiated Roots Millennium Schools, which has campuses in 20 cities all over Pakistan. The administration and employees of Millennium Education provide excellent educational opportunities. to accomplish the aims of “Every single Child Matters.” Millennium Education strives to be a global institution that is dedicated to addressing the needs and aspirations of a wide range of students by offering demanding academic programs supported by internationally recognized credentials, social diversity, academic excellence, and entrepreneurial-centered success. A few of the basic amenities are the Dramatics & Performing Arts room, Budding Scientist room, Early Years multi gym activity center, Reggio Emilia Early Learning Center, Early Years exercise of practical life room, Early Years scientific apparatus room, Nap & Restroom, Indoor hot & cold children Swimming Pool, Play zone & In-house Commotion Gym, and Purpose-constructed Campus Auditorium. Moreover, The Clubs intention to fosters leadership qualities as well as the intellectual creativity and fundamental growth of millennial learners. The learner will work independently or in small groups on a variety of projects outside of the TMEY Clubs, including projects related to creating art, communication, language and literacy for English, mathematical development, knowledge, and understanding of the outside world, and personal, social, and emotional growth.


A child’s education is their primary source of information. School is a child’s first step in life, where he or she learns a lot more than just memorizing facts. One of the many things a school gives a child is the ability to explore and refine their interests. Other things include learning the fundamentals of manners, being adept at multitasking, and enhancing their social skills. Islamabad offers commendable schools and provides quality education, with a world-class standard of education. The availability of versatile options makes it easier for parents to choose the best possible schools for their children.

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