Top 10 Construction Companies in Pakistan

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The primary purpose of the construction firm is to provide consultancy service to the customers and build megaprojects that individuals can not do. Construction companies in Pakistan have the advantage of having professional and experienced engineers and other staff and all of the technological techniques and tools used on a global scale. If you want to complete your project on schedule with the highest quality and perfection, try to hire any construction company which has a strong portfolio. Below is a list of top construction companies in Pakistan that are well-reputed in the market due to their commitment and excellent services. 

Top 10 Construction Companies in Pakistan

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1. Habib Rafiq Pvt Limited

Habib Rafiq Group ( HR ) has been a well-reputed builders in Pakistan for the last five decades. It’s to the credit of the HR group that they have changed the concept of construction in the country with their masterpiece architecture. The reason behind their popularity is the quality of work, professionalism, and commitment. HRL has stepped into the housing schemes and surprised the entire industry with their fantastic quality and planning of work. Currently, they are partners in the biggest project of the twin cities named Capital Smart City, where development work is assigned to this firm. Further, they have executed a number of projects in a variety of industries, including commercial buildings, housing schemes, aviation, and highways. It is a point of pride for our country that they have completed various projects in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Because of these several reasons, it’s included in the top construction companies in Pakistan. Also Read: Top Real Estate Companies in Islamabad

Operating Areas

  • Railways
  • Motorways
  • Power Plants
  • Airports
  • Dams
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Housing 
  • Oil & Gas

Famous projects completed by them

  • All roads of Bahria Town
  • Shaheen Complex Lahore
  • Multan International Airport
  • Khanpur Dam Raw Water Reservoir
  • Diesel Power Plant KSA
  • Saudi German Hospital Medical College

2. Sardar Group of Companies

Because of their state-of-the-art projects in the country, the Sardar group of companies is regarded as the best construction company in Pakistan. The Sardar group has shown the entire industry about luxury living markets with advanced designs and structures. We may conclude that they are well ahead of their competition in the sector and have beaten them all with just a few ventures.

Most of the people in Pakistan know about the most famous building of the country, The Centaurus Mall, which has surprised every citizen, but 95% of people are unaware of the builder. This is the project on the credit of the Sardar group, and just because of the Centaurus building, they got much fame and popularity in the developing industry.

Area of expertise:

  • Shopping Malls 
  • Apartments
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Residential Schemes

Notable projects completed by the company:

  • Taj Residencia
  • PakGulf Pvt. Ltd
  • Movenpick
  • Centaurus Apartments

3. Imarat Group of Companies

The third firm on the list is Imarat Group, which has been serving in the industry for more than one and half-decade. Imarat group of companies received the ICCI Achievement award in the top Real Estate & Construction Group category back in Sep 2020. It started operations in London, then afterward, it launched its operations in Pakistan. 

The company has two offices, one is operational in the UK, and the second one is working in Islamabad, Pakistan. They launched their masterpieces during the last seven years, in which they accomplished many projects, including shopping malls, hotels, and luxury apartments. Currently, it’s the best organization to invest in for those keen on investing in big projects.

Operating Areas

  • Housing Society
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Luxury Shopping Malls

Projects Completed:

  • Amazon Outlet Mall
  • Golf Floras
  • Florence Galleria
  • Mall of Arabia
  • Imarat Mall

4. Jaffer Group of Companies

The Jaffer Group of Companies is a multi-industry corporation with operations in agriculture, technology, fertilizers, and construction all over the country. Murshid Builders PVT Limited is the firm of Jaffer group that was established in 1984 and completed many projects. The prominent aspect is that the company has finished many development jobs with well-established international firms. Like HR Group, it also has much experience in building roads, universities, water reservoirs, and many other infrastructures. Jaffer group has done many local projects, including hospitals and factories.

List of famous projects completed by the group

  • Government College of Technology, Lahore 
  • Honda Car Factory, Lahore
  • Water Reservoir Khanpur Dam
  • Construction Machinery Training Institute
  • Water Supply System
  • Children Hospital Karachi

5. Hardbone International PVT Limited

The All-in-One company has a separate reputation in the developing and building construction companies. The organization is involved in every project, which is the need of today’s people. From construction to interior design and security products, it performs its job very well with optimal customer satisfaction. 

The reason behind this is that it uses the latest techniques and technology to complete its task, and these modern techniques bring quality and precision to its work. Furthermore, they have highly skilled staff for every industry in which they are offering services.

Operating Areas of Hardbone International PVT Limited

  • All Types of Construction Services
  • Quality Electrical Services
  • Mechanical Services
  • Remodeling & Renovation Services
  • Interior & Exterior Designing Services
  • Control & Security System
  • Agricultural Development
  • Highways & Main Roads
  • Cattle Farms
  • Safe Parking System

6. ZKB Constructors and Engineers

Here comes the premium class construction firm that is well-reputed among civil engineering companies in Pakistan, and it was formed four decades ago. The company was initially only operational in Balochistan, but as time passed, the company’s operations gradually spread throughout the country. It has constructed many dams, buildings, roads, and many other infrastructures during the years. The important thing is that several national and international firms authorize the company. 

It also offers engineering services to clients as civil contractors. ZKB has a team of highly skilled engineers and professional staff that are well trained in their respective fields. The consultation services are aimed at assisting clients at every level of the process. The management can help you with everything from planning to operation. They’ll assist you in concentrating on the critical issues, and managing progress at every stage to save your maximum time and money.

The expertise of ZKB Constructors and Engineers

  • Commercial Work
  • Consultancy Related to Construction
  • Experience in Mega-Infrastructure

7. Living Standards Renovation and Construction Company

The motto behind the Living Standards company was to provide every facility under one roof. It has a good reputation as a multinational companies in Pakistan and a consultant construction companies in Pakistan. They deal in issues relating to construction, remodeling, and maintenance. Engineers, architects, interior designers, and experienced technical employees are included in the company’s experienced and professional team that is always willing to fulfill their consumers’ project needs.

Services offered by the company

  • Home Remodeling
  • Labor Rate Construction 
  • Design and Building
  • Commercial Construction
  • Housing Society
  • Structure Analysis
  • Renovation of Every Structure
  • Electric & Plumbing Services
  • Expert in Swimming Pools


The list of best construction companies in Pakistan has not ended yet. The company was founded in the early 2000s to help individuals and investors in the construction and development field. The firm’s core areas are planning, designing, interior and exterior services. ALWAYS has designed thousands of modern homes in different areas and societies of Pakistan. We will not suggest this firm for the mega projects, but it’s a super one for small to medium-scale jobs.

Operating Fields

  • Offices and Homes Construction 
  • Fancy Work for Offices and Residential Places
  • Ceiling and Paint Works
  • All Kinds of Interior & Exterior Designing

9. Habib Construction Services

Habib Construction Services is regarded as the rapidly growing construction companies in Islamabad. It offers professional assistance in the completion of significant real estate development projects. The enterprise is highly determined to finish projects using international strategies while maintaining strong quality, safety, and environmental standards. HCS is a multi-disciplined large infrastructure firm specialized in motorways, bridges, power and energy plants, airports projects, dams, and various other commercial jobs.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Mega Construction Projects
  • Dams
  • Power Plants
  • Airports
  • All Types of Commercial Projects

10. Pakistan Engineering Services

If we talk about the civil contractors and most prominent multinational construction companies in Pakistan, this firm will be on the list. It has more than 150 employers, including electrical, mechanical, civil, and petroleum engineers with all other staff and related modern tools. In its forty years of journey, the PES has worked in the critical conditions of the Gulf and other challenging mega projects inside and outside the country. Since 1973, it’s been the leading company in hydropower projects. Recently, it has finished the 20MW hydropower project in Gilgit.

Operating Fields

  • Hydropower Projects
  • Nuclear Plants


The ten best building construction companies in Pakistan have explained above with their expertise and completed project details. No doubt, we have the biggest construction companies in Pakistan but the construction and real estate industry is struggling to grow within the limited resources available. The Government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has offered great support and different attractive packages to this industry. The construction industry is the only sector that can generate millions of jobs in upcoming years because this sector is connected with more than fifty different industries. If you want to contact any company for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us for more assistance and consultancy. 

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