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Farmhouse in Karachi

The Pakistani metropolis of Karachi is renowned for its vibrancy, rich culture, picturesque views, and opulent farmhouses. However, life in Karachi is very busy, and after a massive routine and work, stepping out of your home for some fun and relaxation is a fascinating idea. So,The elegant clean lines of modern design are merged with the cosy farmhouse vibe to create a unique viewpoint on the rural life-influenced style. 

There are many viral and luxurious farmhouses in Karachi for family and friends gathering. They are full of fun, accessories, enjoyment and entertainment. If you have done immense research for the luxurious farm houses in Karachi 2022; we have an overview of Top 5 Karachi’s farmhouses, including Arabian Farmhouse, Rani Empire Resort, and many luxurious mansions. 

For a detailed guide and information about Karachi Longhouse, dive into the amazing article below!

What Is the Use Of Farm Houses?

Guesthouses are usually found in rural or agricultural settings. There are quarters and separate rooms for individuals and families. In the earlier days, there was a horse barn for the entertainment of customers. But now they have been replaced by luxury entertainment such as playgrounds and swimming pools. People now use farmhouses for social distancing, peace of mind and quality time with family and friends.

What Is the Use Of Farm Houses?

Do you want to visit luxury farmhouses in Karachi? If yes, then never miss the chance to add below 5 Best Prime Location Farmhouses in Karachi. Let’s see where they are located and what entertainment is available for you and your family.

Luxury Farmhouses in Karachi Prime Location
Karachi Farm House Malir, Karachi City, Sindh
Arabian Farm House Abdul Kareem Gadap Near Baqai cadet college، Gadap Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
Rani Empire Resort House Survey No.272, 275, Soomair Kanghi Road, Near Memon Goth, Taluka Gadap Town, District Malir, Karachi.
Al Siraj Farmhouse C-30, Ishaqabad, Gharibabad Furniture Market, Sir Shah Suleman Road, Karachi Pakistan
Shangrila Farmhouse Osif arcade block 15 main university road Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi.

Karachi Farm House

Karachi Farm House is one of the most charming farm houses that attracts visitors to its beautiful surroundings. Most of the people like to spend time here with their family for its interior and exterior. Looking around the outside, you’ll find amazing separate swimming pools with water slides for kids and adults. It is reserved for large families or groups of people with six air-conditioned rooms. All the rooms and toilets are fully furnished and have all the basic amenities. There are also on-site recreational facilities such as table tennis, snooker, carrom and BBQ arrangements. It is a well protected area with all facilities, and hope you enjoy visiting the site.

Arabian Farm House

The Arabian farmhouse is one of Karachi’s prodigious and luxurious villas. You can rent this iconic site at a reasonable price—the best place for you and your fellow’s entertainment.

But What Does the Arabian Farm House Include?

This luxury cottage in Karachi contains the following relaxing kinds of stuff.

  • The interior is luxurious and holds several items, including two beds, a dressing, and an Air conditioner. Outside the rooms, there is a big hall with a career inserted and two fans with cushions.
  • A fully furnished and loaded kitchen with all the basic kitchen items, including a deep freezer, cylinder stove, dining room with chairs and on top of that, a water dispenser.
  • There is a big 8 feet swimming pool in the backyard with a kid’s pool.
  • Children’s play area with swings.
  • Also, there are various games for elders.
  • You will also find here a medium size of the playground.
  • With a beautiful seating arrangement, there is also a BBQ area.

Al Siraj Farm House

Al Siraj is another remarkable farmhouse for Karachiits with all the local facilities and advancements. The Farmstead is good at its pace and contains more than a lot. This countryside farmhouse provides much more peace than city life, and you can fearfully enjoy yourself with your fellows. This country farmhouse has various facilities, including a bathtub, BBQ arrangement, and a VIP guest house for the public.

Rani Empire Resort

If you are desired to visit paradise in Karachi, then nothing is better than Rani Empire Resort. You will find here all the luxuries without any restrictions and criticism. Find all your way of enjoyment and enjoy the neon light outside of the house in the loan. They serve customers 24/7; therefore, feel free to visit them anytime and anywhere. However, there are some facilities you will find here.

Here, two fully furnished bedrooms with air conditioner, Dressing, carpet, fans, cushions and a lot more. There is a kitchen with a deep freezer, cylinder stove, dining table, and water dispenser for your great meal. If you are a cricket lover, as all Karachiites are, then be glad to hear that there is a cricket ground—another entertainment spot you will find in the form of big and medium size swimming pools.

Shangrila Farm House

You will find the Shangrila farmhouse in the finest resorts of Karachi, and the resort is also located at a prime location. Here are the three best and most well-organized accommodations for your luxurious entertainment. The eating zones and bathing ponds in its interior and exterior will also be found. Below are some of the best facilities you will find in this resort.  

There is a standby generator, and outside the house, you will find a colorful cage of beautiful birds to freshen your mood. Another thing is a fully furnished American woody kitchen with all the possible facilities. For your entertainment, you can enjoy snooker, Hand football, and Dabu. Other accessories are mesmerizing, including elder and kids’ swimming pools, playgrounds, and many more


Farmhouse in Karachi means there is peace of mind. Because Karachi is a big and busy city, people from Karachi and outside areas still visit to enjoy the various farmhouses in Karachi. They are mesmerizing, entertaining, fully furnished and well-finished resorts for families and friends. Visiting out of the town in these luxurious cottages refreshes you and your family. To enjoy more and find the best places, you must visit Rani Empire Resort, one of the best farmhouses in Karachi.

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