How to check property ownership in pakistan online

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People in the property business used to encounter a variety of challenges while checking property ownership a few years ago. Checking property was a time-consuming procedure due to the manual property record system. In today’s era, with the advanced technologies and fastest solutions, this process is also very fast and only takes two to three minutes to complete. 

Government and authorities have taken innovative steps in past to remain alive in global competitions and challenges. Many online portals and mobile applications have been launched. Punjab and Sindh governments have taken a crucial initiative to digitize the land record in the urban areas and rural regions will be digitized soon. Basically, it was launched to minimize the chances of corruption and fake property documents and till now, it’s working smoothly. 

Unfortunately, the system is only launched in two provinces and will be expanded in near future to other regions. This digital portal allows all users to quickly examine property ownership in Pakistan. We’ve mentioned the complete steps in detail. Follow our instructions to save your time. This portal is a major step to e-governance and we will see these developments in other sectors.

How to Check Property Ownership in Pakistan Online?

Here is the step by step guide to Check Property or Land Record Ownership in Pakistan’s both provinces Punjab and Sindh.

How to Check Property Ownership Online in Punjab?

If you’re unaware of this process or facing some challenges, go through the entire process to understand the digital system. 

  • Open your browser and go to the website 
  • You will be directed to the main page and multiple options are available here. Click on the ‘ Property Registration ‘ button to proceed. 
  • On this page, select the district and select the search type. 
  • It’s up to you that how you want to search your property. The option includes CNIC, Mobile Number, Registration, and Your Name. 
  • After you’ve entered all of the required information, click the orange color ‘search’ button to see the results.

Instead of the website, you can also use the mobile application to go through this process. The mobile app is only for android users.

How to Check Property Ownership Online in Sindh?

The process is similar to the above one but it’s easy and simple. 

  • First of all, go to the website
  • Then, main page will be displayed and two options, search by NIC and search by name will be shown. 
  • Upon selecting ‘ search by NIC ‘ you have to submit your national identity card number and fill out the captcha and press enter. 
  • If you want to search by name, then, select your district, write the name, choose Tehsil/Tehsin, and select the land area name/ Deh. 
  • Fill the captcha and click on the ‘ search ‘ link to proceed.

Reason for land Digitization in Pakistan

The land department is, no doubt, considered the corrupt department in Pakistan. Due to its performance, the real estate sector was not proceeding as it was expected to be. The manual record system and monopoly of the Patwar association were damaging the real estate industry and most people were preferring to invest in other sectors due to these circumstances. 

At that time, the government and concerned high authorities decided to change the entire system and it was first checked in urban areas of Punjab. After testing, it was expanded to Sindh and soon it will be operated in rural areas of these two provinces.

Perks of Urban Land Record in Pakistan

A question arises here, what were its benefits and what is its impact on this sector after launching? The precise answer is given below:

  • A manual system takes almost one month to complete the ownership record of any property, but these online portals take hardly a few minutes to complete all process. 
  • You can check your land record any time for free and it will accessible to you. 
  • A property transfer through an online system can proceed quickly while a manual system takes much more time and it’s also a slow process. 
  • The fact that one can immediately verify the status of property documents or land records is the most significant feature. It will display you whether the land record has been authenticated, is being verified, or has not been verified. 
  • The digital system has reduced the chances of fraudulent activities. 
  • No one can illegally change the property record because it’s linked with NADRA and National Database

Impacts of Digital Land System

Many people lost their property records in the old system as a result of the land grabber mafia and Patwaris’ illicit operations. Because all of the data is now connected to nadra and the national database, changing the documents is practically impossible. The average man gains trust in the digital system as a result of the document security, and they invest in the real estate sector. So, when compared to the previous system, this industry is at its peak and growing at full pace. Moreover, this system has fastened the processes such as property transfer, property inteqal, and verification.

Last Words

If you plan to buy a property, always take the help of this platform that is specially designed for you. It’s not difficult to operate and the above-explained process will help you in this regard. The digital system facilitates the people and ended the monopoly of the corrupt mafia. This system is a major step toward e-governance and we expected to see more advancements in this department. We hope your question will be clear that how to check property ownership in Pakistan online.

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