Illegal Housing Societies in Islamabad 2022

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Due to the 12 million shortage of housing units in Pakistan, housing societies are offering different size houses with modern structure and all basic amenities. Individuals and home seekers prefer housing schemes for living instead of any random place because of basic facilities and lifestyle. In the last one decade, this housing business has risen at a fast pace due to government support. As a result, hundreds of societies are developed in every main city of Pakistan. 

Several cases of land fraud have been reported to the NAB and courts, all of which are the result of unauthorized societies. Many fraudsters and corrupt mafia have jumped into this business and thousands of people have lost their hard-earned money in these projects. As this is a quick money project, so illegal societies are increasing day by day, which is a tough challenge for the government and related authorities. 

Islamabad is the hub of Pakistan, which makes it the best place for living. There are more than two hundred housing societies in this city, and according to the capital development authority (CDA), 140 housing schemes are completely illegal and unauthorized from the government of Pakistan. 

What is an Illegal Housing Society?

Housing society is the combination of houses, roads, security, necessary facilities, etc. Unauthorized or illegal housing project means, it has not followed the rules and layout plans, and they are working without proper structure and just selling files more than their capacity. Maybe the land they have acquired is not properly purchased or they have grabbed from the people. 

How do illegal societies work?

First of all, the partners and owners of the society purchase or grab the land. Every project should follow the guidelines to approve their project, but they do not follow the regulations and layout plan. Any project, whose layout plan is not properly designed, can not proceed further. After all, these fraudsters sell the more files from their total capacity. For example, a society can only sell 2000 files according to its total area, but when they sell 20,000 plot files instead of 2000, it’s considered illegal activity and most people don’t get possession of their plots after payment. 

How to avoid investing in illegal housing projects

Prior to investing in any project, check its current status. If you are interested in investing in Islamabad housing societies, check the details about the project on the CDA’s official website. Looking for a save investment? Check our Real Estate Projects in Pakistan.

Illegal Housing Societies in Islamabad 2022

According to the CDA report, 69% of societies in the city have not applied for NOC and they are considered as unauthorized. Only 10% of projects have approved NOC. Below is the list of some popular cda illegal housing societies in Islamabad and you should avoid these projects to secure your investment.

1. Ghauri Town ( Zone 4 & 5 )

Although more than one lac families are living in this town, but it’s declared illegal by CDA. According to the officials, they have not followed the layout plan and there are no parks, institutes, playgrounds, hospitals, and other basic facilities. A notice has been issued to developers to stop advertising and development of illegal scheme. 

2. National Police Foundation ( PWD Road )

The society’s NOC and layout plan were both canceled by the CDA in 2011. The reason was that they have sold more plots than their total capacity. NAB is hearing the case and citizens should avoid investing in society. 

3. Bahria Enclave I

Bahria town is a respectable name in the real estate industry but this project near Kurri road is considered illegal because the society has illegally grabbed land belonging to CDA around 510 kanals. The enclave is against the 49-C section of the CDA ordinance. 

4. Pakistan Town ( Phase 2 )

Here is the most famous town in the capital but the phase 2 is completely declared illegal and unauthorized because the phase’s design and plan is not according to the criteria. Interesting point is that the owners have not applied for registration or a no objection certificate. 
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Last Words :

There are around 140 illegal housing societies in Islamabad that have not obtained NOC or applied for registration. Only 22 housing projects are fully approved by the CDA. So, before buying a plot in any scheme, must check its current status to avoid any mishap

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