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Warren Buffet, an American billionaire businessman, has advised that don’t rely on a single source of income and instead invest to build a second one. People who make investments for their betterment always get a great benefit after a specific time, so it’s always encouraged to do as much investment as possible. 


Some people choose to invest in real estate, while others prefer to invest in something else. It all depends on the individual. People who want to secure their hard-earned money for their businesses, corporations, and firms may consider investment banking. These banks offer various types of services and list of investment banks in Pakistan is listed below.

What is Investment Bank?

It’s a financial organization that serves rich individuals, businesses, and governments to raise capital by serving as a client’s agent in the issuance of shares. The Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan regulates the following banking firms.

The main purpose of investment banks is to create capital for other corporations and sectors in order to generate more revenue and a specific amount from this revenue is given to investors. Remember, these financial institutions don’t have any banking license but they’re allowed to offer banking services. 

The operations that investment banks can cover are listed below:

  • Project Financing
  • Asset Management 
  • Portfolio Management
  • Brokerage & Advisory Service
  • Professional Analysis of Shares & Securities
  • Offer Trustee Services

List of Investment Banks in Pakistan

1. Faysal Bank

It has been one of the best bank for investment in Pakistan from the past five to six years. This investment bank is working under the following units:

Debt Capital Markets:

This unit consists of professionals and a team of experts that provides guidance to the customers about different services and products according to their requirements. These can be long-term or short-term planning for capital expenditure and expansion. The bank also allows credit risk distribution with other banking firms by syndicated finance with connectivity to offshore and local debt markets.

Project & Structured Finance:

A team of experts provides advisory, structuring, execution, and monitoring services for different national projects. The projects can be from the power sector ( generation and distribution ) and the construction sector like roads or any other activity. The team will give you advice about long-term projects with a low chance of risk and high gain on investment.

2. JS Bank

The next commercial bank on the list is JS Bank which was launched in 2007 after the merging of two mega corporates firms. The prominent fact about this bank is that it has close connections with Wall Street investment firms. For new issuance, it holds around 45% share of the total market. Moreover, it has a record of high transaction volumes in the country. 


In terms of investment, JS bank offers different finance advisory services related to Equity and Debt capital markets, mergers and acquisitions, finance certificates, and project finance. The rapidly growing bank also offers other services such as: 

  • Capital Market Assessment
  • Guidance by Researchers and Experts
  • Provide Financial Estimates and Suggestions

3. Habib Bank Limited

One of the old and famous multinational bank that was established in 1940 and its first international branch was opened in 1951 in Colombo, Srilanka. Due to its market value and worth, it offers a long range of opportunities to all its customers and investors. Having a pro team of finance that offer services in debt capital markets, syndications, and project & infrastructure advisory. 

The bank has close connections with Chinese financial firms, global investment institutions, and some international financial companies. An interesting fact is that most of its clients are top-level organizations, firms, and government authorities from different sectors. HBL has a record of billion dollars transactions and that’s all due to their top-notch service. 

Their service includes:

  • Capital Market Assessment
  • Advisory about Project Finance
  • Syndications 
  • Public Offerings

4. Samba Bank

Here is another investment bank that is known for its extensive investment portfolio. The bank has provided financial and investment advisory to its thousands of corporate clients and their most clients are realtors, high-level firms, and some government bodies. Instead of these, individuals and private equity investors are also their customers. The most prominent reason behind their quality work is their professional team which has experience in investment banking in New York, Paris, and London.

The Samba Bank provides different solutions such as buy and sell trade, corporate finance solutions, financial advisory, and assistance to investors for investing in safe and secure zones. Further, it has a total of 37 branches in different cities of Pakistan.

5. Invest Capital Investment Bank Ltd

In terms of investment, it’s one of the popular and most renowned bank in Pakistan. It’s fully operational in four cities and going to expand its network very soon. Currently, it’s offering finance advisory and financial management services to its clients. The point that makes it prominent is that it’s a corporate member of the National Commodity Exchange and Karachi Stock Exchange. 

Readers will be amazed to know that it has provided transaction service for recent buying activities such as Standard Chartered Bank acquisition of United Bank and Prime Commercial Bank sale to ABN AMRO Bank Ltd. The bank only deals with private & public sector corporations, top-notch investors, and financial firms. The services of the bank are as follows:

  • Finance Advisory
  • Structured Finance
  • Portfolio Management
  • Forex/Money Market
  • Private Equity
  • Merger & Acquisition

6. Trust Investment Bank

Those who prefer old banks instead of the new ones can consider it because it’s operational since 1982 with a number of branches in all provinces of Pakistan. It’s one of the best investment bank which offers different financial products and services. It covers term loans, trade finance, investment advisory services, trusteeship, and syndication. 

Additionally, it also offers fixed-term deposits to help firms to balance their funds and returns. Rather than other banks, it’s working in even small cities.

6. Security Investment Bank Limited

Here is the last bank on the list that is registered with the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The bank is allowed to perform its operations as a non-banking finance company. It offers an opportunity for a secure investment with its financial advisory services. Visit their official website to get more info about it


Most of us always struggle to increase our assets and capital by investing in the right way.  Instead of the real estate sector, many other businesses can also raise your profit. Investment banks in Pakistan have created a great opportunity for corporations, investors, and firms to build their capital in the most secure way. We hope this article will help you to find all the related stuff about investment banking and its working methodology.

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