Islamabad Model Town Housing Society

Upto 3 Years Of Easy Installment Plan

Location:  Islamabad model town ,Malot Road Islamabad


upto 3  Years of easy Instalment plan

Category: 3.5 up to 2 Kanal

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Islamabad Model Town

Islamabad Model Town (IMT) is strategically located between Islamabad and Rawalpindi, with two prominent and well-known housing schemes adjacent to it: The Bahria Enclave Islamabad and The Parkview City Islamabad.

Moreover, thanks to its lush greenery, valleys, and eye-catching environment, it has quickly been considered one of the most prestigious housing societies in Pakistan, with a total area of 423 kanals. 

A model housing society came about because of fast urbanisation and the need for healthy environments, which enabled people to live prosperous and comfortable lives. The Islamabad model town location is unique and ideally situated because of its surrounding area, which has seen a lot of development since investors’ interest increased. 

In Model Town Islamabad, residents are provided with luxury, modern and convenient living standards and modern facilities accessible by almost every resident of the housing society. This results in enhancing their quality of life. 

Make sure you don’t miss your chance to get the house of your dreams and expectations.

Read about our thorough research about this housing society to learn about the organisation, its layout, pricing, features, and more.

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Islamabad Model Town Location:

A high-quality neighborhood and a unique location are essential to the progress of a city or area. Model Town Islamabad is located on Malott Road at a very convenient location. In addition to this, other residential societies are nearby.

Islamabad Model Town Developers.

Developers are required to develop a town properly, and without them, no city will develop properly.

As for Model Town Islamabad, the developers, Model Project (Private) Limited, run by Tahir Malik and Naveed Imad, who have several other mega projects in Multan, played a vital role in the development. Model Project (Private) Limited has undertaken this project. Several other projects have been developed by the same firm in Multan, which is headed by Malik Tahir and Naveed Imad. Syed Rizwan Munir is the official town planner, whereas The Urban Solutions (Private) Limited is their design consultant. The former has shares in Park View City. This town was made possible due to the developers’ strategies to identify and build the model housing society’s site. These strategies helped to evaluate the project feasibility, secure financing, supervise construction, and much more. 

Overall, Developers built the community to meet the residents’ expectations; therefore, it contains all the necessary resources required by each dweller of the Islamabad Model Town for their daily living.

Islamabad Model Town Plots
Islamabad Model Town Location Map

Islamabad is regarded as one of the most eco-friendly cities in the world and housing societies such as Islamabad Model Town have worked to maintain this reputation. This housing project is divided into several eco-friendly residential and commercial sections, as shown on the Islamabad Model Town map. The location is nestled between Bahria Enclave and Park View City and it is surrounded by lush greenery for the best residential experience. To make an investment decision in this upcoming real estate destination, you must first look at the Islamabad Model Town map.

Owner of Islamabad Model Town.

Naveed Imad and Malik Tahir own Model Project (Private) Limited, the developer of Model Town Islamabad. Their group has highly experienced and qualified planners, architects, engineers, and builders. 

In addition to all the well-known residential communities of Islamabad, the residential society stands on its own in this area.

Islamabad Model Town NOC.

NOC is a government-issued certificate stating that a program or project has been approved and supported, usually provided by the Capital Development Authority(CDA). 

Despite the Islamabad model town layout plan being approved in October 2019, the NOC of this prestigious housing society is expected to be approved by CDA shortly.

Islamabad Model Town Scheme's Master Plan.

Islamabad’s model town allocates most of the land to housing and commercial plots. A number of parks, boulevards, and other features are built to make it look like an attractive subdivision. From Model Town Islamabad, you can easily access both the heart of Islamabad as well as Rawalpindi within minutes. It is located near Malot Road within a modern neighbourhood area. On the whole, it comprises 423 Kanals (52.875 acres) of land that have been divided into 900 residential plots and commercial plots. Residential plots include 3.5 Marla, 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla, while commercial properties extend to 8 Marla and 16 Marla. This distribution makes a model housing society suitable for both residents and investors. Also Check about PARC Housing Society Rawat.

Islamabad Model Town Development Progress

As a result of the demand for more housing, the owners have accelerated the construction work. However, there is still a lot of work to be done or even started. An imposing boulevard has already been built connecting it to the Bahria Enclave in a record time of 30 days. In light of of this, developers have decided to start working on the gate for the project’s main entrance. 

Moreover, a few houses are currently under construction, and the roads and infrastructure are nearing completion.

Furthermore, developers plan to develop front plots as their next construction target instead of side plots.

Some Significant Characteristics of the Islamabad Model Town:

  1. Providing power backup will allow the housing society to cope with load-shedding.
  2. Model Town Islamabad Main Boulevard is 180 feet wide. All the streets and boulevards are spacious and open. There is also street lighting and landscaping on each street and boulevard.
  3. A large portion of the land in the housing society has been designated for parks, walking paths, gardens, playgrounds, and nurseries; it is an environmentally friendly community.
  4. Underground Electricity, Water, and Gas are available in Model Town Islamabad, an underground sewage system, a drainage system, and a system for draining rainwater.
  5. Our range of plots for sale in Islamabad model town includes both residential and commercial areas. 
  6. Islamabad Model Town is fully protected by security guards on the streets and CCTV cameras on the main roads. This includes Islamabad Model Town Shahzad Chowk, Park Road, the main entrance, wide boulevards, in front of mosques, educational institutions, and so much more, than simply capturing activity.

Islamabad Model Town Plots for Sale

As a result of the demand for more housing, the owners have accelerated the construction work. However, there is still a lot of work to be done or even started. An imposing boulevard has already been built connecting it to the Bahria Enclave in a record time of 30 days. In light of of this, developers have decided to start working on the gate for the project’s main entrance. 

Moreover, a few houses are currently under construction, and the roads and infrastructure are nearing completion.

Furthermore, developers plan to develop front plots as their next construction target instead of side plots.

Residential plots:

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

 Commercial Plots: 

  1. 8 Marla.
  2. 16 Marla and commercial properties available.

Also, many educational institutes, hospitals, hotels, cafes, parks, and much more are available in the surrounding area.

Model town location is unique; therefore, we recommend investing in one of these categories of plots or both to build your dream house or start up a completely brand-new business in an entirely brand-new environment with various residential and commercial properties available.

Islamabad Model Town Payment Plan.

Model Town Islamabad is currently offering the following types of property:

  • Residential Plots
  • Commercial Plots

Both with different payment plans.

Model Town Islamabad is notable for its following features:

In Islamabad Model Town, you will find the following features:

Educational Institutes:

In and around Islamabad Model Town are numerous schools and colleges:

  • The Headstart School at Kuri Road
  • BSS Bahria Enclave
  • Unity International School
  • The Smart School Banigala Campus
  • Beaconhouse School System Islamabad
  • Universal College Islamabad
  • COMSATS University
  • Isra University Islamabad Campus
  • Fatima Jinnah Women University
  • Federal Urdu University of Arts, Sciences, & Technology, Islamabad


Several mosques are built within Model Town Islamabad, while others are under construction. Following are a few famous mosques of the housing society:

  • Bahria Enclave Main Mosque
  • Masjid Noor-e-Mustafa Dhok Mohra
  • Usman-e-Ghani Mosque Simly Dam Road
  • Masjid Ghousia
  • Masjid-e-Sultania
  • Jamia Masjid Kuri
  • Umer-e-Farooq Masjid at Pind Begwal
  • Jamia Masjid Syedina Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed at Muhammad Yaqub Road


According to our research, the most crucial priority is a high-quality security system for housing societies, despite the other features mentioned. Luckily, Islamabad Model Town is well secured with plenty of security guards, CCTV cameras on main roads such as Islamabad Model Town Shahzad Chowk. They are also situated in front of Mosques, educational institutions, and many other places that attract people, especially strangers. 

Due to Model Town Islamabad’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its residents, the housing scheme is well-walled and well-gated.

 The community’s entrances are equipped with go-through gates to ensure that only authorised individuals may enter the premises. You would not feel scared walking with your family at night due to the enhanced security system.

Islamabad Model Town Installment Plan & Price

Islamabad Model Town offers 3.5, 5, 8, 10 marlas and 1, 2 Kanal residential plots on instalment plans of two and three years. 

The price plan is much more affordable than the prices of other nearby housing schemes. There will soon be commercial plots of all sizes on the market.

3.5 Marla (20×40)

  • Total Price = 1,970,000 PKR
  • Down Payment = 350,000 PKR
  • Possession = 405,000 PKR
  • 36 Monthly Instalments = 33,750 PKR
  • 3 Year Instalments

5 Marla (26×50)

  • Total Price = 3,500,000 PKR
  • Booking 10% 1st Month = 350,000 PKR
  • Confirmation 10% 2nd Month = 350,000 PKR
  • 8 Quarterly Instalments = 350,000 PKR
  • 24 Monthly Instalments = 116,669 PKR
  • 2 Year instalments Plan

8 Marla (30×60)

  • Total Price = 5,000,000 PKR
  • Booking 10% 1st Month = 500,000 PKR
  • Confirmation 10% 2nd Month = 500,000 PKR
  • 8 Quarterly Instalments = 500,000 PKR
  • 24 Monthly Instalments = 166,667 PKR
  • 2 Year instalments plan

10 Marla (35×70)

  • Total Price = 6,500,000 PKR
  • Booking 10% 1st Month = 650,000 PKR
  • Confirmation 10% 2nd Month = 650,000 PKR
  • 8 Quarterly Instalments = 650,000 PKR
  • 24 Monthly Instalments = 216,667 PKR
  • 2 Year instalments plan

1 Kanal (50×90)

  • Total Price = 12,000,000 PKR
  • Booking 10% 1st Month = 1,200,000 PKR
  • Confirmation 10% 2nd Month = 1,200,000 PKR
  • 8 Quarterly Instalments = 1,200,000 PKR
  • 24 Monthly Instalments = 400,000 PKR
  • 2 Year instalments plan

2 Kanal (75×120)

  • Total Price = 20,000,000 PKR
  • Booking 10% 1st Month = 2,000,000 PKR
  • Confirmation 10% 2nd Month = 2,000,000 PKR
  • 8 Quarterly Instalments = 2,000,000 PKR
  • 24 Monthly Instalments = 666,667 PKR
  • 2 Year instalments plan


We collected all of this data after many hours of arduous work from our team. We hope our information will be useful to you and will make you decide about investing in Islamabad Model Town. It is spread over 423 kanals of land, but CDA approval is still to be approved, but we guarantee it will happen shortly. 

Overall, we recommend Islamabad Model Town if you want a dream house for your family amid an environmentally-friendly setting.

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