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Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a prestigious housing project located in the stunning Pakistani capital of Islamabad near the M2 motorway. The project offers a variety of luxurious apartments and villas for sale, with top-of-the-line amenities and features. 

Kingdom Valley File Verification is important for investors to ensure they buy property from a reputable and trustworthy developer. The file verification process ensures that all documents related to the property are in order and genuine. It gives buyers and investors peace of mind and confidence that their investment is safe and secure

Kingdom Valley Islamabad-Luxurious and Trustworthy Housing Project

Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a housing project located in the Rawalpindi District of Pakistan. The project is being developed by the Kingdom Group, a renowned real estate development company in Pakistan. 

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad is approved by the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) under the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme. They are offering 3.5 marlas, 5 marlas, 8 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal of residential plots in easy installments with possession within 3 years.

The builders of Kingdom Valley Islamabad are committed to providing quality homes and amenities to their clients. Some of the features and amenities that will be available to residents include: 

  • Gated and secure community
  • Academic Institutions
  • The Great Mosque
  • Hospitals
  • Amusement Parks

Kingdom Valley File Verification

Before receiving your Kingdom Valley housing file, buyers can check its status through the verification process. It is an important step because it helps confirm the file’s accuracy and the legal transfer of the property. The verification can be done by any local or overseas Pakistani interested in buying a property in Kingdom Valley, which only takes a few minutes. It can be done through their official website or manually too.

Why is File Verification Important Before You Invest?

Regarding Kingdom Valley Islamabad, file verification is an important step to take before making any investment. There are many reasons why file verification is important.

  • First and foremost, by verifying the files, you can be sure that the project is legitimate and that you are not being scammed.
  • Secondly, it helps ensure that the project has all the necessary approvals, giving you peace of mind.
  • Finally, verified files also help to protect your investment by ensuring that all the legal requirements have been met.

What Does the File Verification Process Involve?

So what exactly does file verification involve? Essentially, it is a process of checking and cross-checking all the documentation associated with a project to ensure everything is in order. It includes things like building plans, environmental impact assessments, and so on. The process also involves verifying that there are no outstanding issues or problems with the project that could cause problems down the line.

The Kingdom Valley File Verification Process

Fraud and scams are increasing in the real estate market. That is why it is important to be extra careful when buying a property. One way to ensure you are not being cheated is to verify the file’s authenticity.

There are two methods through which the file verification of Kingdom Valley Islamabad can be done, i.e., online file verification and manual file verification.

The Online Process of Kingdom Valley File Verification

The file verification process of Kingdom Valley Islamabad is essential to ensure the project’s legal and authentic ownership of the properties. The process is also necessary to avoid future complications arising from illegal or unverified files. The Kingdom Valley Islamabad file verification process is straightforward and can be completed online through your mobile phone or computer.

A few steps need to be followed to verify your file and get the necessary information.

  • First, open the official website of Kingdom Valley Islamabad from a computer or mobile device.
  • Then, click on the button labeled “Open File Verification,” which can be found on the File Verifications tab.
  • Once you click that button, a box will appear asking for your application number.
  • This number is mentioned on your file, and you will need to enter it to proceed.
  • If your application number is correct, then you will be able to see some information related to your file.
  • However, if your number is incorrect or fake, the system will show “No Results.”

To get detailed information about your file, you can contact the customer service department of Kingdom Valley Islamabad, and they will be happy to assist you further.

Manual Process for Kingdom Valley File Verification

The process of manually verifying files in Kingdom Valley, Islamabad, is a simple and manageable task that all investors should consider before buying files. You first need to check the rupee number on the Rs 20/- note at the end of the file. If it matches your application number, you can be sure that the file is authentic and genuine.

One big advantage of manually verifying files is that it’s quick and easy. It’s a great way to check if a file is a real deal or not. Another pro of this method is that practically anyone can do it — no special skills or knowledge are required! Plus, you don’t need a computer or internet connection to do it.

Benefits of File Verification

The main concern when buying a property is whether or not the title deed and other documents are genuine. It is where file verification comes in. File verification is checking all the documents related to a property to ensure that they are valid and up-to-date.

There are many benefits to having your file verified by a professional: 

  1. You can be sure you are buying a property with a valid title deed.
  2. All the relevant taxes have been paid on the property.
  3. The property has no outstanding debts or legal issues.
  4. You will know what you are buying and what you can expect in terms of size, amenities, etc.
  5. The file verification process gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have made a wise investment decision


Q: How do I verify Kingdom Valley files?

You must access their official website to verify your Kingdom Valley files. However, if you prefer, you can verify your files manually by matching the Rs. 20 note number at the end of the file to the number on your application form.

Q: Who is the owner of Kingdom Valley?

The CEO and owner of Kingdom Valley is Ghulam Hussain Shahid Sanpal.

Q: Is Kingdom Valley a good investment?

Investing in Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a good option as the project offers many features and amenities to its investors and residents. The project is in a prime location in the city and offers many attractive investment opportunities.

Q: How do I check if a Kingdom Valley file is open?

To check if a Kingdom Valley file is open, you can go to the official website and click on the Open File Verification option. You will need to enter the application number in the new window that opens. Once you have entered the valid application number, you will be able to see if the file is open or not.


Kingdom Valley Islamabad is a well-known and reputable housing project in Islamabad, Pakistan. The file verification process for this housing project is important for investors to ensure their investment is safe and secure. This process verifies all documents related to the property and ensures that they are genuine. It gives investors peace of mind and confidence that their investment is in good hands.

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