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With the hike in the real estate sector, most property is converted into marlas and kanals. Every day thousands of plots are purchased and sold, so it’s necessary to know how to measure a plot size. A lot of people feel that it’s tough to measure plot size on their own. So, here is the plot size calculator in marla that will surely help you. 


Remember, property measuring units vary from region to region. In Punjab, we mostly use ‘marla’ and ‘kanal’ for property measuring units whereas Sindh has different units. They use ‘square yard’ and ‘square foot’ units for measuring property. Square yard is also known as ‘gazz’ in Urdu and other local languages.

Measuring Land History

The history of land measuring is too old as it started in the Mughal Empire era. Akbar The Great implemented all measuring and weight standards during his period. The ‘gazz’ and ‘bagha’ were the first units and these are still in use.

Different Measuring Units

There are various units that are used to measure the land and these are used in different parts of the country. Before moving forward, you should have knowledge about it.

Square Meters

A square with one meter on every side equals the area. It’s used to calculate the size of rooms, residences, and land parcels. The square meter is represented by m2.

Squarer Yards

A square with one yard on every four sides is called square yards. It’s most commonly used in the cities of Sindh. It’s represented by yd2,sq.


A marla is the most common unit for measuring the property in South Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It was standardized during British rule. The marla is 160th of an acre.

Different Traditional Units for Marla

1 Marla                          0.0062 Acre


1 Marla                          39204 Inches


1 Marla                          25.29 Square Meters


1 Marla                          0.0062 Square Yards


1 Marla                          0.0062 Square Feet

Different Measurements of Marla

Here is an interesting aspect that marla’s size also varies and there are two measurements of marla. 


In the local areas, the standard size is 272.25 sq. ft. all revenue records are measured by this size. 


The standard size of marla in the housing societies and schemes is 250 square feet. They cut this land to provide extra facilities such as parks, vast roads, etc.

How to calculate the marla size of a land?

The method is just simple and only needs a calculator to measure the size.

  • Let’s suppose, the land or plot has 30 feet in width and 50 feet in length. 
  • Multiply the 30 * 50 = 1500. 
  • Then, divide 1500 by 272.25. 1500/272.25 = 5.5 Marla


Different measuring units are used to measure the land and Marla is the most important unit in measuring. With the given plot size calculator in marla, you can easily measure any plot size.  We have covered vast information about marla and we hope, it will help you.

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