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The city of Rawalpindi is among the oldest in the subcontinent, possessing many ancient architectural features. The city of Rawalpindi is located adjacent to Islamabad, so both are considered twin cities. It is approximately 24.7 kilometres from Islamabad to Rawalpindi through the Murree Road. However, it is unfortunately not well-planned like Islamabad, with many slums, unpaved roads, and old buildings.

Because of this, investors are now trying to use this situation to their advantage by developing numerous housing societies in Rawalpindi. This is because they know there is a need for development in this area. However, there are many illegal societies there, and some of them have been approved by the Rawalpindi Development Agency. 

Hence, I will tell you some RDA-approved societies in this blog, but before we get to them, let me tell you a few words about what RDA is.

RDA and its role in Housing Societies

As a government sector corporation, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is responsible for managing Municipal and Town services in the city of Rawalpindi, located in the province of Punjab, Pakistan, established in May 1989. 

Providing these services generates revenue for the government as a result of them. The role of this organisation is currently to keep a close eye on the development of residential housing societies in a city through a simple monitoring system. Therefore, they are responsible for ensuring that all development standards are observed to ensure that people are protected against any illegal activities that might be conducted. As a result, they significantly influence the Pakistani real estate market.

Why must the RDA approve a housing society?

You may wonder why we require approval from RDA after learning about the background of RDA. 

As a result of our investigation into this question, our team has come to the following conclusion: 

The RDA is the same as the CDA, which grants permission to the owners of housing societies in Islamabad to start their development projects. Therefore, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) follows the same procedure in Rawalpindi. Housing societies need to get RDA approval to prove that their projects are legitimate to prospective customers. The team consists of specialists who visit the site to determine whether or not it has been approved. The approval is usually based on several factors, the most prominent of which is the quality of the facility. 

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The regulators of the real estate market in Pakistan are pretty strict. This means that unless the housing society has these regulators’ approval, it is nearly impossible to operate the real estate market. As a result, sales will decline in the long run, resulting in very high losses.

RDA Approved Societies List

Serial No.
Society Name
Capital Smart City
mandwal & Chahan
PARC Cooperative housing Scheme
Bhagga Sheikhan
Top City-1
DHA Phase 1 Rawalpindi
MetroPolitan Area Islamabad
Taj Residencia Extension
Safari Valley Bahria Town:
Mohri Khatran and Gurbal
Revenue Employees Cooperative Housing Society
Morgah (Merged with DHA)
Work, No words Cooperative Housing Society (Gulshane-Fatima)
ApprovedPIA Officers Co-operative Housing Society
Shifa Cooperative Housing Scheme
T&T Employees Cooperative Housing Society
Rawalpindi Railway Employees Cooperate Housing Society
Loi Bher
Federation of Railway Employees and others Cooperate Housing Society
Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Society
CBR, Cooperative Society
Kot Kolian
Golden Jubilee Cooperative Housing Society
Kotha Kalan
Bahria Town (Phase-I,II&III (Partially)
Kotha Kalan
Bahria Town (Phase_VIII) (Partially)
University Town Pvt. Ltd.
Fizaia Housing Scheme
Garden Villas
Dhagal (Merged with DHA)
Kehkashan Town
Kohsar View Housing Project
Rabia Bangalows Memon Construction company Pvt. Ltd
Kotha Kalan
Safari Villas-I
Kotha Kalan
Abad Cooperative Housing Society
Mumtaz City
Pind Nasrala
Bostan Avenue Housing Project
Kotha Kalan
Army Welfare Housing Scheme (Defense-I)
Morgah (Emerged as DHA)
Safari Villas-II
Kotha Kalan
Khudadad City
Shalimar Town
Nasrala & Chahan
Eastridge Housing Scheme (Cornerstone Pvt. Ltd.)
Kotha Kalan
Bahria Paradise
Kotha Kalan
Tarnol Housing Scheme
Nasrallah & Chahan
Clifton Town
Up-Country Enclosure
Kot Kolian, Rupa, Jataal
Faisal Town
Chahan, Barkat,Noghazi
Commoner Sky Gardens Housing Scheme, Murree
Kathaar, Mengal
Sanober City
Kalri, Kalyal
Gandhara City
Pind Nasrala
Taj Residencia
Elite Reverie Housing Scheme
Pharma & Bajnal
Doctor’s Cooperative Housing Society
Lohi Bher
Airport Green Gardens
Multi Gardens
Municipal Corporation Co-operative Housing Scheme (Sector A&B)
Abban Chak

Apart from the list mentioned earlier of CDA approved societies in 2022, I have taken out the below five top-rated projects for your convinced.

The housing society has unique features and all the essential amenities a person expects in a housing area.

Top 6 RDA Approved Societies 2022

1. PARC Rawat 

It is no wonder that PARC Housing Society has been placed at the top of our list of RDA approved societies. According to our real estate professionals, PARC Housing Society is another RDA-approved society, a better option for investors. Located on 650 Kanals, the property is spread out on an expansive piece of land that can be both residential and commercial at the same time. Having it located within the reach of DHA Phase 3, this site is one of the best sites because of its high standard proximity. You should consider investing if you are looking for a sound and reliable investment.

Since the area is located in Rawat Rawalpindi, it is convenient to access from the capital city and is therefore preferred by most people. Developers have spent a lot of time and money keeping the surroundings of the housing society clean and safe. Therefore, make your plan and go invest some amount of money in this type of society.

Facilities provided to inhabitants:

  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Paved roads and streets
  • Streetlights on roadsides
  • 24/7 availability of security guards
  • CCTV cameras on prominent corners.
  • Schools.

2. Capital Smart city 

Capital smart city has been placed on our list due to its modern infrastructure and unique location near several housing developments surrounding The Capital Smart City. Therefore, there will not be any industries around the housing scheme, making it an environmentally friendly place for its inhabitants. 

In their marketing of Capital Smart City, the developers convey the impression that it’s the country’s first smart city. They describe it as a green housing society that adheres to environmental and energy-saving standards. We are delighted to inform you that the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has approved this housing society. In 2019, Capital Smart City received the NOC for its development project. That means Capital Smart City is entirely safe and legal for its investors.

3. Top City-1

Top City I is one of the most popular & top housing societies approved by the RDA. A no-objection certificate has now been approved for the project, extending over 9081 Kanals of land in Rawalpindi. The size of the available plots ranges from 5 Marlas to 10 Marlas, and a Kanal. As far as Top City-1 is concerned, it is designed not to destroy the area’s natural environment. The developers ensured that the natural vegetation was not disrupted during the development of the project. In Top City-1, the owners make sure that the inhabitants enjoy a better standard of living and security.

One of the prime locations in Rawalpindi for housing societies is the Top City-1 location. Top City-1 is at a short distance from the Kashmir Highway. One would need to drive along the Islamabad and Lahore motorways and the Grand Trunk Road to get to it. 

4. DHA Phase 1 Rawalpindi: 

DHA is the largest housing project in Pakistan, with sub-projects in most major cities in Pakistan, such as Karachi, Quetta, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, etc. As one of the most advanced residential projects in the country, it is considered one of the best.

During its years in the industry, Defence Housing Authority (DHA) has become recognized as a national brand in the real estate arena. Over time, this housing scheme in rawalpindi has become a sought-after one in Pakistan because of the amenities and investment opportunities it provides.

The NOC has been approved for the DHA Phase 1 Rawalpindi project. The society is ranked as one of the best RDA-approved housing societies in the country based on this fact. With its housing market in Pakistan being one of the most competitive globally, this company is attempting to compete on a par with a standard as high as the one that DHA has set for decades. Phase 1 Rawalpindi is located directly across the street from Bahria Greens and Bahria Civic Centre, which is convenient.

5. Taj Residencia:

A new venture is being developed by the developers of Centaurus mall – Taj Residencia. According to their plans, the site would be sold as a luxury residential community. Located in the heart of Rawalpindi, The Taj Residencia promises to provide its residents and guests with luxury living in Rawalpindi at its finest. It was announced recently that Centaurus Mall would build a second building within this housing society. It is worth mentioning that, along with the Centaurus Mall, the facilities of the Centaurus Housing Society include a roller coaster that you will not find in other RDA-approved housing societies! It was expected that Taj Residencia would be launched in 2019 as the RDA granted its NOC to Taj Residencia.

6. Safari Valley Bahria Town: 

Bahria Town will be a pioneer in providing residents with all the amenities they can ever desire in Pakistan’s property industry. Among the projects of Bahria Town, Safari Valley is yet another project. The city consists of commercial areas, green areas, and mosques and has all the necessities of daily life. Adyala Road is just within a few minutes drive of Safari Valley. This project is surrounded by other Bahria Town projects, such as Bahria Greens, Bahria Phase 8, and many others. Safari Valley Bahria Town is one housing society that the Rawalpindi Development Authority deemed to be acceptable. The NOC approved safari Valley for 4313 Kanal.


After reading the article about RDA approved Housing Societies, We are hopeful that you have been able to find the information you are looking for. There is no need for you to hesitate as the information above has been compiled based on thorough research that you can find on the Authority website. This way, everything will be like a straight shot, and you can follow it without hesitation.

Among the above housing societies, I would like to highlight Capital Smart City as my personal favourite.

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